Friday, December 26, 2014

The sky opens up

They gave the prodigal son a feast on his return
And the teary-eyed family was reunited
Memories of years before fondly recalled at the dinner table
But there was more to the conversation --
The things he had learned, he wanted to share
The old stories told week after week, he had seen those places
And they were nothing like we thought! Can you imagine, he said,
How we have made heroes of ordinary men
And lived this legend
As if it were the only one existing?
But there's so many more, much more, dozens, thousands,
The sky opens up when you turn your eyes to it --
And the table grows quiet
The clatter of dishes deafening
The youngest ones visibly disturbed
And the elders excusing themselves in silence

And there is talk, behind closed doors, in the library, in the study
He has lived so well on his own
He has learned so much; a credit to the clan
But it is for the best that this home,
At once familiar and strange in his eyes,
Be only a place of temporary respite
For there is no longer a place for him here

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