Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Solstice Alexandrine

If you arrive in white against this winter sky
I won't remember if you'd ever come, or why
I'd called you to my side, or if I'd called at all
Or if I'd dreamt our meeting, lonely in my mind

If you arrive in blue, the rainy season's end
Has come along with you, the one who I call friend
The clouds will clear away, the whitest flowers sway
And maybe you will stay through autumn's gathering-in

If you arrive in red, adorned in burning flame,
The words you left unsaid, the love without a name
Blooms in prismatic hues, in courage and in truth,
And love will be with you, always and still the same

If you arrive in black upon these shortest days
And you do not turn back, but on untrodden ways
You chart your path with light, creating stars for sight,
Then out of deepest night you'll set the world ablaze

If you arrive in gold, the summer will return
But tales and songs of old, from which we can't but learn
Remind us it will pass, the warmth that never lasts,
And in the end we have just moments, and we yearn

You'll arrive in season, or maybe out of time
You don't need a reason, I don't need a rhyme
But I'll wait in this snow, then when it's late you'll go
And when you're gone I'll know each second is sublime

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