Monday, October 27, 2014

Post Party Girl

I'm not adjusting to this silence well
The music's off but I'm still on
The lights are up, the night is over
But I'm not ready To go home yet

They say there's time for magic
And there's a time to let it go
But there's a few moments left to live
Just turn the music on

{Let the stars align one more time
Take me dancing till the sun rise
It's all right
We'll ride this wave till it's over } - 2
In another life

It's only midnight now so turn the wheel
Let the music flow as time goes backward
Help me remember how it used to feel
The memory of an hour ago

The room was full of light then
The mood was so exciting
If the world had ended, I wouldn't care
You were there beside me
And everything around me

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