Friday, March 28, 2014

It's on

is this even real ?
i ask this a lot these days.
maybe it is half real
like the moment you wake up from dreams
i know what is real
it's this smile
and the redness in my cheeks
and the solitude i live in
but even that, i'm doubting
because it's on
as if i were on stage in front of a thousand
singing the songs of my heart
with the mic stand in one hand and the other in the air
it's on,
as if i were off the starting line at the gun
and i ran so fast, so far, never to tire
because i can do anything
i can be anything
when i am everything

i broke the glass, i stormed the palace walls
if i'd only have known
for the good i would have liked to find
is only found when worlds collide
i'll float, i'll fly, in the mean time
because it's only half real
like the night you can't quite recall
i know what is real
it's that sky
the laughter that escapes in harmony
and the sun that streams inside
and the rain that doesn't wet you
because it's on
as if the world could see you shining
and the highwire blazing electric
glass in your hand and plane in the air
it's on,
as if between time and space we get what we deserve
which is more than we could imagine
because we can do anything
we can be anything
for we are everything

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