Friday, June 27, 2014

The soul of the heart

Miracoco exhibit, Washington State Univeristy, 2014
Perhaps this might be the last time
I sit on the floor
The last time I balance
Against the walls of this breathing building
Alone -- as before -- by design
The eye in my mind reflects an iris
Green, blue, amber
And the memories of a thousand summers return
I have lost my sense of direction, lost so much
As my filters refine
To illuminate the relevant
Highlight the logical
And scoff at a half hour of return to the time
When time was flexible
And memories of tomorrow abounded
When colors were relative
And the smallest wings of the fly
Shone in iridescent brilliance
When the moon would come if invited
To share in my own night sky and
The grass and
Flowers and
Insect wings
I have lost so much
But I know exactly what to do with the little I have left
So this may be the last time
I feel the walls wrap around me
Can't they lull me to sleep
One more time?

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