Friday, June 27, 2014

Sin miedo (without fear)

I blame circumstance, but it all is my decision
I can choose to go and shine or I can stay and hide the reasons
For my hesitance, my imperfections holding me at bay
And the perfect life I strive for turns and looks the other way
The excuses are all mine and I'll gladly tell the lies
Hiding in these walls of fear I'll blame it all on time
Hours, minutes, seconds, are the victim of the day
And we waste them and we're hasty and we throw it all away
But what if I said yes? If the promises I kept
Had potential to undo me until there is nothing left?
Do I take the leap and go or do I stay with what I know?
It's only when the seed-pods fly that we begin to grow
What awaits me I can't say, but I smell the sound of rain
And as the clouds on my horizon gather, grow, and change
I too must do the same and perhaps this is the way
And I know that I'm not perfect, but I'll heed the call - I heard it -
Because I know and so do you, "we just regret what we don't do
So dare yourself and know it's true -- you're full of love and they'll love you"

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