Monday, June 23, 2014

Maybe the night

Maybe the night gives me focus
To bring back warmth that once was real
The highwire, the dazzling upward spiral
Forward motion now no more than a memory
The lush fabric of longing reduced to threads
Fluttering in the wind
With love on my lips
And a minor second, minor third
I try to re-weave in song
The silk that surrounded,
Surrendered to endless possibility
Yet all is not possible
In the arid climate of reality
And only a shadow of what was now remains

Maybe the night gives me moments
Drops of the past in the present
A small taste, enough just to feel it
Then the waves swell away from the shore
I know it! I knew, and remember
Until it fades away
With love in my prayers
I return to the start
The air splashing over me
Yet if only the ocean...
If the hurricane came without warning
If it blew through life to destroy me
I would stand in the destruction
And forever remember the wind

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