Saturday, June 21, 2014

Guest posting on today

You flow effortlessly into the remainder of my nostalgia; a life of stamps on postcards, of sophisticated salons and bittersweet before-dinner drinks; of operas and foreign languages and relics from faraway lands.

I am honored that Anirban Saha, he of many hats, has asked me to guest post about my connect to Kolkata on his blog. He is a photographer, blogger, social media shining star, programmer, and deep thinker who I am pleased to call friend. As I make sense of my experiences with words, he composes and captures images to make sense of his world, and his photography site is not to be missed. I have met few people in this life who feel with the intensity - and express with the clarity - that he does. Sharing this 'piece of soul,' as he termed it when we first discussed this post, seemed a bit daunting and yet perfectly natural at the same time. I could not have written it with any other inspiration.

Do go read my short piece on my experience with Kolkata, and how it connects to the best of my life - Kolkata, a Love Story.

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