Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Middle Earth

down from valleys i have come to give you my regards
and true i found them frightening, wet, cold and dark
but through the darkness light shined out, a bright black blue
leading me beautifully out to you

the shortest way to destination is the straight line
i would rather wander outside of the plane, i've got time

up from mountains underwater i swam the miles
i met the mermaids, they bid me stay awhile
i feasted on the fruits of a sea i never knew existed
but now i'm here on cloud nine and i'm hungry again

why is all you offer cold hors d'oeuvres and champagne
when i've come from another world so far and away?

is it something within me that puts this ice here between
or is this city simply too high for me?

and you say that my journey was meaningless
most was dark and the rest filled with idleness
but in your eyes there's the ghost in the forest, the king of the sea
and i know that you were there the whole time with me

well perhaps in this mad world the hero's the fool
and perhaps under sadness is buried what's true

so we've wondered and wandered from point a to b
and we're here because there's just no other place we can be

but i swear the journey, it wasn't for naught
you find out where you are by figuring out where you're not

(Written many years ago. To someone else's music. I need to rework the melody but I love the lyrics.)

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