Thursday, September 5, 2013


written September 15, 2000

For awhile I need this silence
In order to comprehend
Or simply to remember that this truly is September
Beyond the shadows
Here and now
Without and within
And with all that I ever am
I have decided to live in pursuit
Of what is gentle, what is beautiful
And find the meaning in the patterns
In the subtle ways I will change
To love the meaning in itself; the noblest end
But now I will live in this beauty
This September
When the spotlight moon illuminates this terran stage
Through the trees; in the light everything rebecomes the words I wrote
Beyond the shadows
Living in autumn in perfection of the image
Reaffirming dreams
And drawing them to conclusion: chapter or volume?
In the silence revisited from deep within
There is nothing
Transcending even joy

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