Wednesday, September 4, 2013

One hour of sky

Today I come in thanks for one drop of grace
Amidst pain and farewell
And pavement and rotting leaves
I drank in one full hour
Of my urgent September sky

So many things have come 
To battle me, to knock me down
Yet I stand strong, smiling against odds
Then the gentle breeze of dusk
Sends me sobbing to my knees

You are here, you will be here
This is all yours, these cries,
This reverie, this context, this trouble
All this and more, so much more,
So much precious

If it is only a pebble to you, I implore you,
Hold it as a ruby; but even if you kick it
With your gold-sandaled feet,
Scattering it into anonymity,
It cannot be destroyed

In the same scope of eternity,
September is forever yours--
All but my one hour
Of urgent, scathing, melting,
soothing sapphire autumn sky.

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