Thursday, April 4, 2013

Shy freedom

The world flying by
Still is my mind
Still in my mind
A whole lifetime
Measured in kilometers
And only then in hours
Every minute treasured
But now that I am home, here, safe,
Home is precious,
Now is sacred.

Could you see who I was
Under the veil of night
I could see clearly --
The world is always shadows
And green flecked with gold
Didn't you know?
I fell in love tonight
But it's not what you think
I remembered what it was like to
Come back to the place you always were
To travel round the world and find
All is the same
Same people
Same senses
What came before me, what is, and what will be
Are all one moment
As I fly veiled in this
Shy freedom

Everyone tonight
Believes in what does not exist
It's a little thrilling
A little dishonest
But it's not our fault
We are only here for a second
And we fade out of reality
As soon as the dust settles.
Everyone tonight
Saw the truth but could not know
That the freedom
Success, Capability
So easily assumed away
Was always mine.
Can they see who I am
Can they know my story
In one second before the dust settles?

In the best of all worlds
I loved
For a few minutes
In the right measure
And you no less
But time above all

(This was written June 20, 2007 and eventually became the song MG Road.)

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