Sunday, January 6, 2013

I have set it all right

Silence falls at midnight
The curtain goes up
The current moves on
The air is still
Hanging in August urgency
The river calls them onstage
See, it says, I have set it all right
The scene is set perfectly
I have brought the full moon for madness
And the heat in the air for summer
Dew on the branch for winter
Nostalgia has been achieved
See? It is just as designed
The wind is still so words can be heard and remembered
Only the river flows but it's quiet and calm
It's the only thing changing; everything else is waiting
I have created the perfect scene
But the clock is moving, still moving, still moving
And you have not yet come
The river flows on as if this time before times wasn't happening
As if the perfect moment wasn't existing
Then midnight passes and dawn breaks on the horizon
No one came to the celebration of memory
No one has come

The scene occurs in the air
In a time out of time
A place out of place
With traffic and wind and food on their shirts
They will forget to brush their hair
And wear the same clothes as yesterday
The scenery struck long ago
All that's there is a blank space
Improvisation required
But between the spaces the scene will continue
They'll trip over the lines
They'll fumble awkwardly toward the final act
On the black stage in between worlds
And the audience--
The audience will rise to their feet
In thunderous applause

And the river remains lonely
Closes the curtain
And waits for another perfect time
And another perfect day

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