Sunday, January 6, 2013

An indescribable color

Gleam of striking shining silver
Took a hold
In my world of gold
It came unwanted, now I'm haunted
Now that it's faded
I've searched unceasingly
For one glimpse of the brilliance
That has ceased to be
Just one moment for that light to hit my eyes
Just one glance
Descent from opulence
The mountaintops shine silver; I follow
The clear blue sky endless; there I go
Knowing endless is madness; it doesn't exist
And it all calms down to a greyish brown
How can I now remember
Once it's all over
The last rays of light have fallen on this autumn world
I am picked up, hurled over thousands of miles
Through the blue, over snow, to the hills and the fields
But only in my mind. My body remains still
Barely shuddering, embracing the last of the fading light
Though I know after night more will refresh my sight
Maybe of a different kind
So face toward the sky
I await through the darkness
The glimmer of morning.

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