Sunday, November 11, 2012

Infinite possibility

Oh, it was a night like this
Before I asked you the first time
You read that January
Is supposed to be cold and dreary
Dark and silent
Silent night
But the nights are ablaze
Citylights bright
Cafelights dim
As talks sparkle in the glow

Infinite possibility is what i called this feeling
This weather, this city
And yet it was so finite
It ended when the lights faded

And then another year came
Another January
Another warmcool evening
And the streetlights blazed
As I walked to my car
To find infinite possibility in familiar places
And talks sparkled in the glow
And golden music filled the air
Until three am
Yet it was so finite
It ended when the phone rang

I had simply looked in the wrong direction for infinity
Instead of to the lights or the golden sound
I should have looked inside my heart
Where senses cannot touch
But i could not have known that
Without you

And now i know how to see infinity
I meet with you and look into your eyes
A mirror looking back at me
And in your eyes are my eyes in your eyes
And so it goes

Why search for infinite possibility
When you have the possibility of infinity?

(Written December 2007)

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