Monday, October 22, 2012

The edge of the universe

Come out with me
Here, to the edge of the universe
There will be dancing

Past arbitrary dates of birth which determine
Not only who is to be respected and who is to be friend,
But also, supposedly, our destiny.

Beyond religions which tell us
That when we dance, we should not do this thing or that
Lest we offend a distant and angry god.

Past male and female and evolutionary psychology
That tells us we are wired active or passive
To dance or to sit; or to face the consequences.

Beyond village and city
Beyond nation and nation, and beyond the leaders
Who tell us who to hate in order to be good.

Past ideas of status and prestige
Who has 'made it' and who never will
And the illusions that make us believe it as truth.

Come out here
To the edge of the universe
There will be dancing and embraces
And endless showers of gratitude
And love

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