Saturday, June 2, 2012

Is the evening enough

Is the evening enough?
The dimming light, the last fragrance
Of the day's blooms
The golden hour, the lingering warmth
Will this suffice
When it is time for wonder
Time for wit and frisson
When it is time for letting the music in
And revelry runs in every vein

I have cultivated my mind
What grows there is only what I have planted
But this night-blooming flower --
I don't remember which seed it sprung from
It just grows
Is the evening enough?
If left to the whims of the evening
Will the fragrance remain the same?

On the threshold of summer
Wildflowers abound
No hand to care, only rain, sun
And evening respite

On the threshold the most fragrant and poisonous petals
Stretch toward the sun's last rays
Grandmother's words ring true;
Enjoy the fragrance, but let the taste alone

Is the evening enough?
Or does beauty spill over
Outside the bounds of time
Turning night into endless evening
From which we can never return?

Are you sleeping

Are you sleeping
Please be sleeping
Night is halfway through
I can do what need be done
I have enough tears for two

Can you hear me
Can you feel me
On second thought, never mind
I don't want to wake you up
I'll wait for another time

I don't even know why I'm awake
What my eyes are crying for
I had just forgotten what day it was
And couldn't take it anymore
So don't worry about me, don't wake up
Keep dreaming, keep dreaming

If you're sleeping
What do you see
Is it a dream you remember
Or one you want to remember
Or who you want to be

Is it regret for a girl who has left
Or the memory of one who has stayed
Is it the threads of the web that we weave
The decisions that we all have made
Do you dream of the world, how from nothing it came
And the wonder that it has become
Of the songs that we sang out of love and of pain
And the one that will never be sung

Are you sleeping
Please be sleeping
Night is halfway through
I can write while you take your needed rest
I have enough words for two

(Oct. 31, 2011)