Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Tonight, you shone gold and brilliance all down the eastern seaboard.
This is a far cry from what I remember
As you stood in front of me, daring me, erasing the past
And replacing the old songs with a four-to-the-floor beat and a smile
Illuminating New York City at midnight
As memories of California fade into the darkness.

Tonight, I returned in my mind
To the night I was singing a song of springtime,
And saw you standing there. Back, to the right
I beckoned you to come up front,
Sit there, listen, hear, experience, live
And yet you were still small sullen
But tonight
When I called you to the front
You came and sang and experienced and lived and springtime bloomed again
No one's heart was hurting
No pain washed away with the soap from the dishes
I think back on then
And how that moment shaped my mind's construction of you
Saw in your name still, small, sullen

But tonight your name takes on an entire new meaning.

Tonight it wasn't in my mind, no;
It was in front of me the whole time
The joy, the sublime exuberance --
Words cannot express this
It is the state I live in
How surprising to find another native!
And as I saw life itself spring into motion
I myself hung back and became still, small, silent
Taking in the energy that usually I express

Maybe we are not one-dimensional
Maybe we need to give and take
To be angry and to be joyful
To gain a deeper understanding
To see the shades of life from bright to dark

I keep learning...

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