Sunday, February 10, 2008

What we are

I know what I am
How many times that excuse
Let me justify the vortex spinning me
Let me name it as my own creation
How many days you and I
Walked this parallel path
Unknowingly doing and saying the same things
On the same days
How many minutes of pain did you endure
To make the abstract tangible, followable
And how many minutes of years did you watch
The abstract fade, disappear; leaving only a souvenir
The minutes add up and their summation
Is an unbiased reflection of what you are
So, you know what you are
And the freedom it gives
To jump in the vortex, let go, drown
With all words left unsaid except
I know what I am
But these seconds of minutes
Are not lost to us even now
And perhaps from here
On our parallel paths
We can look past the material
To discover for the first time
The world of ideas and ideals
The things that allow us to transcend
What we are
And discover who we are

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