Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Oceans are brutal creatures of passive aggression

A blue-green luminescence emerges
From the Gulf, the sum product of
Gravity, surface tension and phosphorus.
The beauty, though scientifically explainable,
Is otherworldly. If it were not for the cold,
I could watch these waves forever.
And watch I ought to, as this gulf's waves
Will crash on the shore, leaving dampness on rocks
Then evaporate, condense and rain down
Into the same ocean which presently separates us -
Co-conspirators in the delay of our meeting.
Some might say that the journey was necessary,
Or ultimately my decision, that the oceans are blameless
But I don't believe them, for I could leave it all tonight
Board an ocean liner headed west
And return to you - but the journey would still take weeks
The vastness of the waters keeps your arms from mine
But we will overcome this distance
Day by day a little closer
And my heart is filled with ocean water tears
And the fire of love
Which keep part of you with me no matter
How many oceans stand in our way
So they won't win; although they are strong,
We are stronger; and the love that binds us together
Is my ocean liner to your shore.

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