Sunday, February 10, 2008

I've been waiting for today

This sidelong glance is now more than habit,
It is instinct. My anticipation of your smile,
Of a word from you, is such a constant state
That I cannot help but live in hope
Every moment, every hour joyful
Because I know you could be here
And you are here - as you live the moments
Of your life, perhaps near or far,
You are forever in my heart. This, indeed, is everything.
And as hours, weeks, months dissolve into moments,
Single points in time, they slow time itself
And bring me back in a very real way
To moments that, for me, are immortal.
They bring me to a riverbank, clothed in wind,
Hiding from all but you; bring me then to a day
Bright red with happiness - I understood everything
But blushed at my naiveté.
A surrender never accepted, a goodbye never spoken
And thousands of tears uncried
Today these words mean nothing more and nothing less
Than what they say, as goodbyes still remain silent
And strength is still found in the memories, moments
So I will never really know why this wind
Blows in this direction - but it does
And I tumble along with it, anchoring in time
But moving in space...and the effort of the reversal
Of the commonplace gives me courage
To last just one more day...

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