Sunday, February 10, 2008

Halfway hoping to be found

Written in January, for a previous February and March, by me.

One song reminds me
Just one moment - one thought -
Brings me back to the center
I just never thought it would be like this

Once I sat in the crisp breeze
Hiding away yet
Halfway hoping to be found
And yet today, here I stand
With no fear - the thought of being found
Never thought because today
I have sought you out instead.

What brought you down to earth?
Humanity frailty humility
Or rather, what brought me to the stars
To meet you there?
Or were the heavens and earth always one and the same?

Anyway, it doesn't matter
In such times as these
When we look at the clock with expectation
Waiting for the future to bring its reward
It only matters when you live in the moment
And both of us have put the moment aside
To chase our uncertain futures

But when I hear your song
NOW returns to me in full splendor
Waiting to see you, hoping to hear you
Hoping to finally be found and living
In the sweet moments of simply loving
That gave me days of strength and hope
That still, now, don't stop

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